About Acoustic Loops

Me tinkering with the Simon and Patrick

About Acoustic Loops

I decided to set this site up after making a zillion 'sketch' recordings of various bad and good-ish stringed instrument-based stuff over how long I don't remember.

In an attempt to at least archive these sketches going forward in a more coherent manner I decided I ought to / would attempt to take it more seriously, try to record them as clean as possible, chop them into clean loops with all info on tunings, tempo set for posterity.

So at the time I wrote this, around and over 2011 and a bit of a revision in 2012, and now this one in Feb 2013, I guess you can see I procrastinated a lot before I put live and made a couple of never-to-see-the-light-of-day early incarnations of the website.

So this acoustic guitar samples site came about because of that and I thought maybe some people might like the loops to use in their own projects so if they think it's worth it some of my efforts might spark off a song somewhere. I should mention how great the content management system (Drupal) is, which is incredibly powerful and customisable and perfect for the idea of meshing in with SoundCloud and opening a membership programe for the guitar loops and samples I'll post.

I've been investing a lot in equipment to make the quality as good as possible - this was always the aim before I considered implementing a small charge for anything. The acoustic is a Simon and Patrick Songsmith, the banjo an open-back Gold Tone with White Lady tone ring to give a really nice Old Time feel.

In Autumn 2013 I invested in a Limited Edition Martin 000-15ME, which I've decided to keep in DADGAD and I'll keep the Simon and Patrick in standard. It's really matured well as I've had it a few years now and the sound has got better and better with age. I still love the sound of this guitar although and played with the Martin they really compliment eachother too, as does the Martin and the Banjo etc.



I'm also about to upgrade my microphone to a Neumann KM -184 and am going to also use a Presonus Blutube DP V2 to power it. So by the time you read this I'll probably be using that kit as I'm off to collect it tomorrow.

In the summer of 2014 (it's March 2014 as I type) I hope to save to invest in one of the recent 'Re-issue' Jazzmasters so that the sound of the electric guitar samples will dramatically improve too. Probably this one I hope.

For now to enhance the electric I can run it (and will with the Jazzmaster too) run it in this order which of late is proving to provide some interesting sounds: Electric guitar into Presonus, into Boss GT-100, into Boss SE-70, into Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 then onwards into Logic Pro X where I select and chop the various loops and samples.

I've also been getting some nice enough results to create a new categorty - 'Electro Acoustic Loops' - where I'm using the Fishman pick up out on the Martin 000-15ME and blending that with the KM-184 through the two channels I have available on the preamp and audio interface. So many new sounds to explore here - very excited about that.

Please just browse and download the tracks and use them in your own projects. Anything that is on the site now is free to use.

In the near future I will set up a members area where for a small subscription cost (I'm thinking really low price) you can get much more. I think it will make sense then to do sound-sets of loops on soundcloud, so that, if you're paying you get a bunch of variations on a theme, or progressions that work together at the same tempo.

I guess my ultimate goal is to try and make a little income from this to support my hobby and my life in general while giving me a really good reason to improve my playing and create a nice positive life-feedback-loop.

Please feel free to share with me anything you work my loops into, as out of general curiosity, I'd just like to hear what you do with this or that guitar, bass or banjo loop.

Hope you enjoy exploring the site.

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