May 2013


Acoustic Guitar Loop 19

Another slower thing I have been enjoying playing and jamming over the top of. Again in the EAC#F#BD# tuning but this time no capo. Getting better at optimising the recording quality and also the cleanliness of the loops (I think). Room for improvement, though, but they do sound ok when 'in track' setting. 


Acoustic Guitar Loop 18

This is something I recorded on Sunday 19th of May. Still tuning up in EAC#F#BD# with capo on 2nd fret.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 17

This is a variant on Acoustic Loop 16. They go quite nicely together.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 16

Here is a new acoustic guitar loop as promised before the week was out! This is played in EAC#F#BD#  and capo on second fret.

My acoustic guitar

More Acoustic Guitar Loops coming soon

Hi everyone. We are motoring on with the year and realise I haven't added any new acoustic guitar loops for a while.

I've got some nice new patterns I've been playing around with and will have some up by the end of this week. I seem to have been recording more electric guitar lately, but am still tinkering with the acoustic.

Also just to say, over the last month of April, there have been more than 100 downloads of my loops from the site from 36 countries. This is really encouraging to me and thank you sincerely. I am really only getting going with the site so I'm blown away by these signals that people are thinking that things are worth downloading for hopefully use in their own tracks. I've got a lot more and a lot better to give. Visits keep on coming in from all over the world.

Favourite tuning right now

I am mainly playing in a rather unusual / exotic tuning which I find you can get some really interesting sounds out of - both for electric and acoustic work.

As always I make a note of the tuning and capo position where relevant on each individual loop page.

The Peruvian tuning I am using is EAC#F#BD# and I'm quite partial to how it sounds capo'd at fret 2.

I kind of recommend experimenting with lots of tunings anyway, as apart from generating new ideas you really can get some very interesting and unique sounds from them that sound beautifully unusual. I'll perhaps do a post on favourite tunings I have enjoyed mucking around with at a later date.

A current demo to share

Also, while I'm working on some proper loops felt this was worth a share and plan to export some of the electric guitar parts from it.

It's mostly synths that come with Logic Pro 9, played via midi keyboard. Drums are from Dooley Drums again, but bit-crushed and effected a little to sit in with the general essence of the track.

I like the way this is a one take human played drum beat that sounds almost programmed with the treatment in Logic. It's actually quite a light treatment. Just delay and some EQ and some degradation of fidelity.

Guitar parts are just the minimal, more involved lead lines and a few echoed string scrapes to add some organic / random noise elements.