October 2013


Something recorded a while ago

This is something I recorded a while back and posted an earlier incarnation of here.

Shortly after that original post my friend provided a bass part and tried to add on as best he could but I only gave him a flat file so it was impossible to mix well. The drums were too loud.

I got the single bass track but didn't get the time to remix it properly (or at least my best shot) at remixing the whole thing, with his bass track added.

I'm not totally happy with how I mixed iit but I was pleased enough with the mix to share. 


Electric Guitar Loop 24

This is in DADGAD and pretty fast at 140 BPM

I will try and work up a track from this as have some ideas and this is a nice new beat from Jim Dooley's drum website. You could get the idea of what I'll develop from short snippet below. Please download the link above to use in your own tracks.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 43

Put together tonight. Was happy enough with the loop to share and put for download. Hope it's a nice part for a track out there somewhere. Ooops, sorry, just realised I didn't enable downloads. Sorry - it's enabled now.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 42

Another one this one is in 3/3 time. I think it's 3/3. It might be 3/4.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 41

New loop as promised. Hopefully have a few more up by the end of the weekend.


Demo track to kick start some more loops

I've not been posting much as this time of year my day job gets really busy. It's knocked into the evenings for the last 3 weeks leaving not much energy / suitable time to record much.

Before all that, though, I did make a start on a few new bits. I was pleased enough with this to throw it up as a demo - maybe someone else might like it I don't know, anyway, the main thing is this is the one sort of thing I really I enjoy doing and is a big outlet for me! Will try and chop some loops from it for download too.