November 2013


Electric Guitar Loop 28

This is nice sequenced over a beat like the example below for jamming over.

With a beat and another guitar track


Electric Guitar Loop 27

This is the Martin going through the Boss GT-100. It was a nice experiment in running it through that. You can get some really lovely sounds through it. The Fishman undersaddle pickup is really amazing.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 48

Not too clean but it's nice to play over! It's a variant on Acoustic Loop 47 and will sequence quite nicely together in a mix.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 47

Nice little picked fragment from a bunch of improvised recording.


Electric Guitar Loop 26

Nice patch on the GT100. Will post more variants on this theme as did a long improv with some nice chunks in there.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 46

Another loop from first play with Martin acoustic.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 45

Another sample from first tests with the new Martin 000-15ME acoustic guitar. Liked this enought to post but although it is definitely 100 BPM it's an odd time signature. I guess this gets across more the sound of this amazing instrument. My playing is not doing it justice yet.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 44

I did, after a lot of thought, invest in a new guitar. So, all the new acoustic guitar loops that I post, will use the new guitar. It's a Martin 000-15ME which I'm recording through a pretty good quality microphone.

I'm happy enough with the mic, but I'll also upgrade that soon, so I'm getting as good enough recording quality going if people want to download and use in their own tracks. I want to scale this site up - but I want the equipment to do the effort justice.

I'll do a blog post about the new guitar soon as it's pretty special. Makes a magical sound. This is just a muck around when I got it home the first evening...


Last demo track for a while, as will be focusing on a bunch of new loops.

And hopefully upgrading my set up to get a better quality download for the users of this website. This is an acoustic track demo I have been working on - the component parts played differently (the other ones were with no capo - this is capo on fret 3) are available as individual acoustic guitar loop downloads in earlier postings (Acoustic guitar loop 39 and downwards from that for a few loops).