December 2013


Acoustic Guitar Loop 49

First post for a while, lots more to come soon.


Banjo Loop 15

Banjo loop in FCFAC tuning. **


Banjo Loop 14

Feel bad I don't pick up the banjo enough so was curious to give it a go and also pop on some guitar with the new Martin. Was pretty pleased how they sound together, but the banjo was in quite an unwieldy tuning - GDDGD, which goes quite well with the Martin in DADGAD.

With the Martin 000-15ME accompanying

Slightly panned the Gold Tone to the left and the Martin to the right to separate them in the mix a little.


6 mins and 24 secs improvisation

Two guitar tracks improvised over Jim Dooley drums. Bass was added later with midi keyboard and bass patch in Logic. It was fun at the time and quite enjoyed the dirtiness of the mix. It needs something else, though.