January 2014


Acoustic Guitar Loop 66

Last loop of January 2014 - unless I get a bunch of spare time tomorrow. I'm going to post a lot more soon hopefully and also aim to commit to adding a certain number of acoustic guitar loops, banjo loops, and electric guitar loops (and other kinds of loops) each month in future for a very small yearly membership fee. All loops will be unique to this site and my own ideas. The loops will be played on high quality instruments, and recorded with quality microphones and I'm sort of thinking of a £15 - £25 a year membership fee to download anything new I post.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 64

Another guitar loop in DADGAD.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 61

Martin tuned to DADGAD, 92 BPM, capo on the second fret


Acoustic Guitar Loop 60

Another fruit of DADGAD improv.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 59

Mucking around in DADGAD.