March 2014


Acoustic Guitar Loop 79

This is using a lovely Electrovoice RE20 microphone that I was lucky enough to borrow from a friend and also his Presonus Bluetube pre-amp.

I'm going to invest of one of those myself and a KM184 microphone so I will increase the sound quality of the loops dramatically as I moved to a low monthly fee paid membership model.

Until I do that all the loops on the site now are free to download and use for your own recordings or even for just practicing with.

I enjoy just playing over the loops and making up nice component parts.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 78

Using my friend's RE20 and Presonus pre-amp again with the Martin


Acoustic Guitar Loop 77

Experiment with passive pickups on the Martin Acoustic. I ran it through a Presonus Bluetube DP V2 and then the Boss GT-100 into Logic. I experimented with quite a lot of patches so can add more from that improv session which was lots of fun.


Electric Guitar Loop 31

More experimenting with the Presonus pre-amp and GT-100.


Electric Guitar Loop 30

Another little electric guitar loop using the Presonus Bluetube V2 pre-amp. Liked the overall distortion sound. Hopefully someone can work it into a track of their own sometime :)


Electric Guitar Loop 29

My friend lent me a couple of nice bits of kit to test out ahead of some immanent potential purchases of similar kit. Basically I'm after a solid pre-amp and a great mic to record the acoustic. This is using the Presonus Bluetube V2 with some on board Logic Pro X guitar patches. Just a test really but thought I'd chop out and share a few bits and free electric guitar sample downloads.


Acoustic Guitar Loop 73

Little idea in standard tuning with the capo on the 3rd fret.