April 2014


Banjo Loop 18

First test with the banjo in an interesting tuning - F#DF#AD,using the KM184 and other new kit. Very pleased with early results. Learned you have to give the banjo a lot more headroom when recording. For example, if sat a couple of times as further away with the banjo than what seems to get a good result with the guitar.


Electro Acoustic Guitar Loop 1

This is the first in a new category of electro acoustic guitar loops.

I'm using the Martin running dual-channel - one with pure acoustic pickup from the KM 184 mic, and the other through the other channel of the pre amp using the Martin's Fishman pickups running into Boss GT100 then into Boss SE70.

Then onwards into Logic Pro X through the Scarlett 2i2. I liked the results enough to feel this needs a new category as there's many sounds to explore here.


Banjo Loop 17

This is the first 'watermarked' loop that will act as a preview to a clean high quality version of the same, that will be available to download when I launch the members area in May 2014. Please download the other free tracks on the site - there's more than 100 of them for you to choose from. Thank you. PS I will still post up free download samples when I can too. 

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Banjo Loop 16

Banjo loop played in GDGCD at 114 bpm.