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Short track recorded fairly recently

Still playing as much as I can. Not a lot of time to record will get back into it. Hopefully it will all be much improved.


An update about acoustic loops member area

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. 

I've been slow on adding new content to site, as I've been busy working with the fantastic team at, to set up the upcoming members area. 

I'm pleased to say we are nearly there, and in a couple of months I hope to open the site to paying members.

For those of you who sign up there will be access to new loops each month in a special members area. Access to the premium loops will be available for a small monthly, or yearly, recurring fee. 

Everything is pretty much fully set up behind the scenes, but I want to go through a 'soft-launch' first with some friends and family as live 'test' subscribers, now I've worked through most of my own testing.

I'll also be turning attention again to record a stack of new, quality and original, loops - now that the bulk of the work is done on the members area integration.

I've still been developing new ideas and practising, and I have loads of new electric and acoustic loops to record. It has not been easy to record these ideas and develop the website at the same time around my busy day job, so I've had to put the recording on the back burner temporarily. 

On the equipment front, I'll also be picking up a brand new American Vintage '65 Jazzmaster (a reissue) in the next week or two, so the new members electric guitar loops sound as sweet as possible.

It is very important to me that I record on high quality instruments and also general recording / microphone / effects kit, so I've been investing heavily in that over the last year. I figured if people are going to be prepared to pay for premium loops, then the equipment used to record it all should be as good as I can currently afford. You can read about the current equipment I have here

I've given a lot of the content away for free over the last couple of years that the site has been live, and the current free loops will always be free. You can listen to, and download, all the free guitar and other instrument loop here.

The benefit to members is that they'll be getting loops played on the all new equipment, and hopefully my playing has improved since I launched the site, too. 

I would keep giving the content away for free permanently, if I could, but I really just want the membership costs to help cover off the purchasing of my equipment and give me a reason to keep improving and playing and cover the maintenance costs of the site too. I will still periodically give free loops away.

For my day job I work in the UK charity sector, so I'm also hoping if I build up a base of paying members here, it can also in time help support my family with some much needed extra income, as I'm rarely able to cover the bills on my day job income alone.

I'll announce when the members area is live on the site, my soundcloud page, and to everyone who has signed up for email updates. 

Sign up for email updates here to get the news direct to your inbox. 

I'll then, as well as announcing the launch of the members area, periodically send emails out each time I post my new batches of loops which I aim to produce 20 exlcusive samples each month for members only. 

Thanks for reading and I'll be back with more news soon!



Short demo from July 2014

I seem to be wrangling with the membership area at it's getting a little frustrating. But it will come and I'll get there in the end! 

In the meantime I'm still busy recording loops and haven't lost momentum in that respect. I've just not posted anything for a while as I'm trying to do some development on the site. But I did want to share this little demo track that I enjoyed making over one evening in early July 2014.