Banjo Loops


Banjo Loop 18

First test with the banjo in an interesting tuning - F#DF#AD,using the KM184 and other new kit. Very pleased with early results. Learned you have to give the banjo a lot more headroom when recording. For example, if sat a couple of times as further away with the banjo than what seems to get a good result with the guitar.


Banjo Loop 17

This is the first 'watermarked' loop that will act as a preview to a clean high quality version of the same, that will be available to download when I launch the members area in May 2014. Please download the other free tracks on the site - there's more than 100 of them for you to choose from. Thank you. PS I will still post up free download samples when I can too. 

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Banjo Loop 16

Banjo loop played in GDGCD at 114 bpm.


Banjo Loop 15

Banjo loop in FCFAC tuning. **


Banjo Loop 14

Feel bad I don't pick up the banjo enough so was curious to give it a go and also pop on some guitar with the new Martin. Was pretty pleased how they sound together, but the banjo was in quite an unwieldy tuning - GDDGD, which goes quite well with the Martin in DADGAD.

With the Martin 000-15ME accompanying

Slightly panned the Gold Tone to the left and the Martin to the right to separate them in the mix a little.


Banjo Loop 13

Last variation on Banjo Loop 10! I actually had a lot of fun playing over this in standard tuning guitar. If I had more time I'd definitely be wanting to work up into a little track, get the rattles and shakers out, etc...


Banjo Loop 12

Another variation on Banjo Loop 10. G Minor, 104 BPM


Banjo Loop 11

Variation on Banjo Loop 10. Random retune to G Minor and liking some of the sounds.


Banjo Loop 10

I'm determined to get back into this wonderful instrument.


Banjo Loop 9

Variation of Banjo Loop 8.


Banjo Loop 8

Trying to reacquaint myself with this instrument. I used to be pretty good at it. Getting more time back soon to practice so will be getting back up to speed. It's also a bit harder to record than the guitar so I'm sort of experimenting around a bit. This does actually sound nice when you jam over it so I thought I'd stick it up!


Banjo Loop 7

It does sound like it. Yes, it's the first time I picked the banjo up in a while.