Electric Guitar Loops


Electric Guitar Loop 31

More experimenting with the Presonus pre-amp and GT-100.


Electric Guitar Loop 30

Another little electric guitar loop using the Presonus Bluetube V2 pre-amp. Liked the overall distortion sound. Hopefully someone can work it into a track of their own sometime :)


Electric Guitar Loop 29

My friend lent me a couple of nice bits of kit to test out ahead of some immanent potential purchases of similar kit. Basically I'm after a solid pre-amp and a great mic to record the acoustic. This is using the Presonus Bluetube V2 with some on board Logic Pro X guitar patches. Just a test really but thought I'd chop out and share a few bits and free electric guitar sample downloads.


Electric Guitar Loop 28

This is nice sequenced over a beat like the example below for jamming over.

With a beat and another guitar track


Electric Guitar Loop 27

This is the Martin going through the Boss GT-100. It was a nice experiment in running it through that. You can get some really lovely sounds through it. The Fishman undersaddle pickup is really amazing.


Electric Guitar Loop 26

Nice patch on the GT100. Will post more variants on this theme as did a long improv with some nice chunks in there.


Electric Guitar Loop 24

This is in DADGAD and pretty fast at 140 BPM

I will try and work up a track from this as have some ideas and this is a nice new beat from Jim Dooley's drum website. You could get the idea of what I'll develop from short snippet below. Please download the link above to use in your own tracks.


Electric Guitar Loop 23

Just mucking around making some new patches on the GT100 and playing in DADGBA with the capo on the 5th fret but letting the bottom D string ring with no capo.