Alesis Monitor 1 and Boss SE70 Super Effects Processor

Getting the equipment together

You might have seen I haven't added any new music loops for a while. There is a reason for this.

The site is only a month old and it's all self built so there's been quite a lot of configuration to do getting all that set up.

I've also been ramping up the sort of equipment I have before I get too stuck in.

Basically I've got a big shopping list of new kit I want to get.

Next instrument purchases will be a Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar (not sure which yet) an also a new amp as well as a new pedal unit. Going to go for the Boss GT100 which is fairly new on the scene and looks amazing.

I've still got my Boss SE70 super effects processor but miss the floe controls that a proper integrated pedal board offers. So when I get those i will add a lot more electric guitar loops.


Older Stuff and Varying Quality

As you might have read in the about page I've been toying with the idea of setting this site up for a while. I think I've played guitars long enough to have really let myself down in terms of taking it more seriously. 

Some of the things I've recorded over the years sound interesting to me and I feel bad for not working them up into more polished pieces.

I've a wealth of recordings going back a number of years, and half I can't even remember how to play. This site is as much about archiving all this stuff in a way that I can go back and use cleaner / tidied up portions of these older recordings to work up. 

Simon and Patrick Acoustic Guitar

Going Live

Acoustic Loops is more or less there I guess in terms of I've now set up the site and am almost ready to start populating with some better content.

A lot of the loops on here are not final quality - just place holders as I worked my way through getting the site set up structure-wise and some kind of process of using Soundcloud as the source and host for the files.

The idea is to record as many loops as possible per week and offer them up for download. 

I'm starting with the base elements of tracks but will also aim to provide three complimentary parts that can be laid on the top of a given loop and make these available in downloadable sets.


Acoustic Loops - Finally Got Around To It

I decided to set this site up after making a zillion 'sketch' recordings of various bad and good-ish stringed instrument-based stuff over how long I don't remember.